Sejem 2009 (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Gold medal for the Crémant Millésimé 2007 and silver medal for the Crémant St Cunibert

Concours Mondial in Brussels, Belgium

Silver medals for the Riesling Domaine Privé 2007 and Crémant St Cunibert

Riesling Grand Prix Trier 2008, Germany

Our Riesling Domaine Privé 2007 reached 9th place in that prestigious competition: 200 international tasters judged over 800 Rieslings from allover the world. That is the best result for a Luxemburgish wine, normally, only famous german Rieslings reach top 10!

Reminder: Our Riesling Domaine Privé 2003 even reached ranking 4 at this competition in 2005!

Guide Hachette 2009

• 3 stars for the Riesling Domaine Privé
• 2 stars for the Pinot Gris Domaine Privé

The Guide Hachette has a good reputation, as there is no possibility for advertising – so no way to increase the success of your wine by inserting adverts…

Since the year 2000, luxemburgish wines are taken in consideration by Hachette and our wines have been attributed 25 awards: 2 Coups de coeur (“heartbeat” = supreme award, maximum 2-3 per year in Luxembourg) 3x 3 stars (exceptional) 4x 2 stars (remarkable) 2x 1 star (turned out very well) 14 Citations (turned out well). All our excerpts “Guide Hachette” (PDF).

Mundus Vini 2008 in Neustadt, Germany

Silver medals for the vintage 2007:

• Auxerrois Schengen Markusberg
• Pinot Gris Domaine Privé

Premium Select Wine Challenge 2008 in Mainz, Germany

• 4 stars for Riesling Domaine Privé
• 3 stars for Crémant St Cunibert

Vinagora 2008 in Hungary

Silver medal for Crémant St Cunibert

Sejem 2007 in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Big honor: Gold medal and world champion trophy for our Crémant Millésimé 2005