For the last four generations Caves Krier Frères has above all been a family story to be told. Jean Krier (1847-1917) was a wine-grower, a wine merchant, a cooper and a carter all in one. With two of his sons, François and Jean Pierre, he founded the first company in Bech-Kleinmacher which drew up its first balance sheet in 1914.

Then, in 1922, the company settled down in upper Remich close to the railway station. This strategic location favoured the export of wine in barrels towards Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark via the port of Antwerp, and even as far as the Baltic countries. It was at this moment, due to the rapid developments, that a third brother named August, decided to acquire shares in the company as well.

The situation at the time led the company managers to abandon the wine farming in order to devote themselves entirely to the marketing of wines produced by other vine-growers.

In 1929, a son, Jean Krier, was born to François Krier (1888-1960), father of the current owners. Eager to ensure an optimal production both in quantity and above all in quality, the procurement strategy was completely changed in the 1960’s. The purchase of bottled wines was replaced by the creation of a private wine-farming domain. In order to cover their entire needs, the own grown production was then supplemented with grapes purchased from a number of other independent vine growers. Jean and Paul Krier, who took over the company from their respective fathers François and Auguste, continued with the same zeal and know-how as their ancestors, and guided the fate of the business up until 1989 when two of Jean’s three children, Michèle and Marc entered into a partnership and brought the company forward into the third millennium.