22nd Concours de Crémants de France in Alsace 2012

2 gold medals:
Crémant Millésimé 2009 Brut
Crémant St Cunibert Brut

Concours Mondial in Brussels 2012

2 silver medals:
Cuvée CLASSIC Rosé Brut
Gewürztraminer Domaine Privé 2011

Berliner Wine Trophy 2012

2 silver medals:
Classic Extra Brut & Crémant St Cunibert

Concours de Crémants de France à Macon 2011

3 gold medals:
Crémant Millésimé 2008 Brut (2 cuvées)
Crémant St Cunibert Brut

Natural cork

Krier Frères uses natural cork since a very long time. What are the reasons for this, the advantages and alternatives? Here are some facts about it, excerpts of a german magazine.

Guide Hachette 2012

3 stars:
Riesling “Domaine privé de la Maison” 2010
2 stars:
Pinot Blanc Grand 1er Cru Schengen Markusberg 2009

The Guide Hachette has a good reputation, as there is no possibility for advertising – so no way to increase the success of your wine by inserting adverts…

Since the year 2000, luxemburgish wines are taken in consideration by Hachette and our wines have been attributed 25 awards: 2 Coups de coeur (“heartbeat” = supreme award, maximum 2-3 per year in Luxembourg) 3x 3 stars (exceptional) 4x 2 stars (remarkable) 2x 1 star (turned out very well) 14 Citations (turned out well). All our excerpts “Guide Hachette” (PDF).

Berliner Wine Trophy 2011

Award for the best national producer of still and sparkling wine
3 gold medals:
Crémant St Cunibert, Crémant Millésimé 2008 & Classic Brut
2 silver medals:
Classic Brut Rosé & Crémant St Cunibert

Premium Select Wine Challenge 2011

3 stars:
Auxerrois 2009
Pinot Gris “Domaine” 2009
Crémant Pinot Noir Rosé Brut

Pro Wein à Düsseldorf 2011

1 star
Pinot Gris “De:omaine privé de la Maison” 2009

Vinalies à Paris 2011

Silver Medal:
Crémant Millésimé 2008 Brut